NO. 865

The NSC List of Subsidy Recipients

Each year, The National Science Council provides university students with financial incentives to carry out research under the Special Research Plan Subsidy. This year, a total of 36 such subsidies were granted to Tamkang students; the largest number of recipients in the past several years. Out of the 36 recipients, the College of Engineering dominated, with a total of 23 successful applicants.

One of TKU’s subsidy recipients, fourth year Department of Chinese Literature Student, Wei Yijun, received a grant for her research on Hu Shuwen’s style of novel-writing. She explores the method Hu uses to avoid the traditional stereotypes of women in novels and to successfully portray the world from the perspective of a young woman.

Other grant recipients include Department of Electrical Engineering’s Lin Hui-bo, who explored the visual perception system of soccer robots (“Robosoc”), and Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering’s Chang Yu-hsing, who investigates the stabilization & filtration of yeast.

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