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Tamkang University President Chang Horng-jinh, Lee Chi-mao, Director of Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, and four Taiwan contemporary painting masters—Wu Shuan-san, Ku Tsung-kuang, Ho Chao-chu and Lee Hsi-chi will jointly cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for their exhibition at Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center tomorrow, May 20, 2003.

The four masters are constant winners in various fine arts competitions, with their unique styles. Wu Shuan-san went to Africa in search for his own style. His interest has changed from civil society to wildness; his painting is characterized with rich colors and jumping lines, creating a unique rhyme of wild life.

Ku Tsung-kuang pursued techniques of abstract painting in his earlier days. He attempted to integrate traditional spirit with the Western techniques and to create a unique mixture of modern and tradition. His interest then turned to the realistic presentation of landscape, focusing on the visual effect of a painting.

Ho Chao-chu’s early oil painting stresses the reality of a vision. Then, he aimed to create an obscure and poetic atmosphere in his painting. His later works followed techniques of abstract painting, producing a unique mixture of lights and shadows.

Influenced by the Fuavism School, Lee Hsi-chi studied techniques of modern arts. His painting crated an “inner order” by mixing numbers and colors. He also integrated arts of calligraphy into his painting.

The exhibition, which includes 100 works at painter’s different periods, will be held at Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center from May 20, 2003 to July 25, 2003.

A symposium with four painters will also be held at the Center on Friday. The symposium welcomes all who are interested in painting and arts.

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