NO. 871

Tamkang Receives Environmental Award for Second Successive Year

Tamkang University was recently announced as the winner of the 21st Environmental Award for Taiwanese Enterprises. Last year, it was the first university to receive the award. This year, it is the first university to receive the award two years in a row. TKU is scheduled to receive the award at a ceremony held at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall on November 5. This award represents the highest honor that an enterprise can receive for maintaining high environmental standards, explained Shiaw-Shyan Luo, the TKU Dean of General Affairs.

Shiaw Shyan Luo said that TKU’s policy corresponds with the growing social awareness of caring for the environment. He stated that TKU will continue to actively implement a “Green Campus” policy and work to enhance TKU’s technological facilities. “By participating in this award program, we can gain a better understanding of the areas in which we can continue to “focus on and improve”.