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iLife Tamkang

Tamkang University is set to release a new application called iLife. Tailor-made for Tamkang students, the application consists of nine separate functions aimed at making TKU life just that little bit more convenient. When released, the application will allow students to view the latest TKU news, registration systems, the real-time position of nearby buses, the number of vacant seats at TKU intern labs, a live video stream of several sites around the Tamsui Campus, a campus map, a class time graph, a personalized student class schedule, and list of buildings (and their code numbers) on the Tamsui Campus.

The TKU Chief Information Officer, Ming-dar Huang, explained that the application’s live video stream will display the Red 27 bus station, the running track, the volleyball courts, basketball courts, and others. To enable this function, the Office of Information Services installed six cameras around the campus. Ming-dar Huang said that the live stream was set up with personal privacy considerations in mind. Therefore, users of the app will be able to see a general picture of sites around the campus but images of individual people will be unclear.

The App will be available on ios and Android soon.

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