NO. 871

Explaining Quality Control

On October 11, the Office of Quality Assurance and Audit held two explanatory conferences at the TKU Tamsui Campus. The conferences were held to provide faculty and staff with a more detailed overview of the upcoming 7th TKU Quality Award and 4th Quality Control Circle (QCC) Competition. Both conferences were hosted by the TKU Secretary-General, Dr. Hsu Ting-chi, and featured a keynote speech by the TKU Chief Audit Executive, Di-Ching Pai.

During the conferences, the Section Chief of the Energy Conservation and Space Section (part of the Office of General Affairs), Chiang Yu-San, shared her experiences in the competition from last year, in which the Office of General Affairs came first.

She explained that when entering the Tamkang Quality Award, participating departments start to emphasize the importance of openly exchanging opinions and moving forward as a team. This leads to improved service; helps to enhance the knowledge and abilities of staff members; bring the department together into one united team; inspires innovation; and enables team members to maintain their youthful vigor.

In the explanatory meeting of the QCC Competition, Di-Ching Pai said that teams of either students, faculty, or staff can register for the contest. He explained the rules of the contest and the prizes on offer for winning teams. He also announced that they would provide guidance and mentorship to participating teams to help them become more familiar with the operation of the quality control circle contest.