NO. 871

Professional Learning Groups Improve Instruction at Tamkang

To help raise the quality of instruction at Tamkang University, several years ago the Center for Learning and Teaching set up faculty “learning groups”. These learning groups are groups of teachers from various departments who meet regularly to discuss strategies and methods to improve the quality of their teaching. This semester, a total of 14 groups have registered under the program. Six of them are newly-established learning groups, while two of them have been around since 2009.

Angela Sung Hung-Yen, the Section Chief of the Teacher Professional Development Section, commented on the nature of the learning initiative: “the teacher learning groups is a voluntary program that allows teachers to develop their teaching abilities by discussing different teaching styles and brainstorming about innovative forms of instruction with fellow teachers.”

Of particular note this semester is the diversity in participating groups. For example, one learning group based their meetings around the new technology known as “cloud technology”. Together, they discuss innovative ways to use the technology in class to enhance student learning. Also, this semester, a new record has been set with all eight departments from the College of Engineering setting up learning groups. The Dean of the College, Dr. Ho Chii-dong, commented: “When I mentioned that each department participate in the initiative, I was really just offering a suggestion. I didn’t expect that all eight departments would take part. It’s really very exciting to see.”