NO. 871

Youth Ambassador Keh Cheng-Hao

Keh Cheng-Hao, a fourth year student from the Department of Public Administration, recently represented Taiwan in the 2012 International Youth Ambassador Training Program. The program is held over 14 days in the US, during which time the selected youth ambassadors take part in leadership training courses, visit successful Asian enterprises on the East Coast of the US, meet city mayors and state congressmen, and visit symbolic sites around the US, such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the Congress, the Whitehouse, Rhode Island, the UN building, Harvard University, and MIT.

Cheng-hao, who passed an examination and three stages of interviews to become a youth ambassador, commented: “I used to be a bit naïve. I wasn’t spending my time in a meaningful way. But after seeing how motivated and successful the other youth ambassadors are, I feel I have a lot of areas in which I can improve. It was a very significant experience”.