NO. 872

Teamwork and Trust on Display

On the 13th and 14th October, the TKU International Office held a training camp for leaders of foreign, overseas Chinese, and Mainland Chinese student clubs. The camp featured 35 student participants, as well as International Office staff members such as Chen Pei-fen, the Section Chief of the International and Mainland Student Guidance Section.

Places visited during the camp include the Long Teng Broken Bridge (Miaoli County), the well-known Shenghsing Station, and the Nantou Paper Dome.

The camp also consisted of fun team-based activities that brought participants closer together. For example, the game of trust required students to stand on high chairs and trust that the assigned team mate would catch them as they fell backward. For the person perched on the chair, falling backwards and letting their teammate support them took a lot of trust and courage. The activity allowed new club leaders to closely bond and produced immediate friendships.

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