NO. 872

A Live House Concert at Tamkang

On October 17, two major independent bands came to TKU to perform a live, small-scale concert. The bands included Eggplant Egg and I Get It. Eggplant Egg kicked off the concert with their popular single “Give me your girlfriend, okay?” Their energetic performance was met with a wave of cheering and screaming by the approximately 300-strong crowd. The lead singer of the band, Huang Chi-bing, stated: “the energy and passion of Tamkang students really touched us. I’m really happy to have this opportunity to perform in such a warm and positive environment.” This was followed by the well-known track “so I stopped” by I Get It.

Third year Tamkang student, Chang Yu-ming, commented “hearing them sing made me think of the excitement and fun I had when I first started playing music”.

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