NO. 873

Rise in Research Grants for TKU Teachers

The TKU Office of Research and Development recently released statistics regarding the 2012 National Science Council Research Grant. As of October 9, 2012, the number of research grants applied for by TKU faculty was 560. Of these 560 applications, 282 were approved, which is an approval rate of 50.4%. Compared with last year, the number of approved applications has grown by 4.6%.

The Dean of Research and Development, Dr. Shung-wen Kang, noted that the rise in the number of grant applications passed shows that the level of research at Tamkang has grown in terms of both quality and quantity. He also explained that the average approval rates for the NSC Research Grant among private universities in 2010 and 2011 were 47.3% and 48.3% respectively. This is decidedly lower than TKU’s approval rates in the same years (53.3% and 57.9% respectively).


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