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A Speech by Acclaimed Director Jasmine Ching Hui Lee

The TKU Department of Mass Communication recently invited acclaimed film director and Tamkang alumna, Jasmine Ching Hui Lee, to deliver a speech at the TKU Tamsui Campus. Jasmine Lee’s recent film “Money and Honey” has been nominated for awards in over 20 film festivals both in Taiwan and overseas.

During her speech, she told TKU students about the factors that inspired her to enter the film industry. As a child, her family lived next to an old-style movie theater. Her grandparents would often take her to see the latest movies in their spare time. As she grew older, she realized how effective film is as a medium in expressing one’s views and opinions.

Toward the end of the speech, Jasmine introduced the two main characters of the documentary film, Baby and Lolita, who accompanied her to the Tamsui Campus.


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