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TKU's Research Breakthroughs Rewarded

On November 16, 2012, TKU master’s student from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Lin Gong-hong, received a “Best Thesis Award” at the 2012 Symposium on AI and Its Applications, held at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan. Meanwhile, Tamkang alumni Li Ai-fang, who recently graduated from the same department, won an “Exceptional Thesis Award” at the 2012 Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association Master’s Thesis Competition.

The Symposium on AI and Its Applications is an annual event organized by the Taiwan Association for Artificial Intelligence. It is the largest AI symposium in Taiwan; and is known as the place in which successful advancements in research are incorporated into the market. Lin Gong-hong, the winner of the “Best Thesis Award”, was supervised by assistant professor Ching-ting Tu from the TKU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The topic of his thesis was the 2D Composite Model Applied to a Super-resolution Synthesized Image of a Human Face. This topic was previously explored in less depth by Assistant Professor Tu in 2006. Tu explains that “in the past, synthesized images of human faces incorporated one-dimensional individual models. This caused the images to become blurry and even altered the appearance of subjects’ facial features.

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