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The evaluation of student clubs or associations will have a drastic reform this year, according to Extra-curriculum Activities Section, Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

A staff member of OSA said that all the student clubs or associations should take part in the evaluation. Those who failed to participate in should submit the records of club activities, the achievement of activity, club expenditure, and club affairs. These data would be publicly exhibited during the period of evaluation. If a club fails to meet the requirements it will be dismissed next academic year and President of the club will be given a reprimand in accordance with Tenth Clause, Seventh Article of Student Reward and Disciplinary Sanctions Regulations.

School authorities will give priority chances to subsidize the expenditure, to give place, instruments and the activities sponsored by the club if it takes part in the evaluation, the staff said.

The evaluation will be held at the Student Activity Center from May 31 to June 2. The national evaluation system will be adopted for the first time. The club could only sent two representatives to explain the details of its activities if the evaluation was made off campus. The activity will be classified as follows: the academy, the arts, the recreation, the physical education, the social activities, the music, the service, the religion and the association. The special award will give NT$6,000 cash prize while excellent award will be at NT$3,000.

In addition, Wang Mei-lan, staff member of Extracurricular Activities Section (EAS), OSA, said that in order to encourage students’ clubs to set up their home pages, EAS will sponsor a student club home page design contest so as to realize the purpose of “e-campus information”.

In addition to giving special award and merit, the excellent club will be prior to register an extra activities place besides a fixed classroom scheduled for the use in night. Due to the fact that the space of the office in iron plate house was heavy in short, the evaluation will become a defending war for clubs and offices among the clubs. Those who have a space in iron plate house to sponsor the activities but fail to participate in the evaluation will be forced to retreat. Therefore, those who don’t have an office in iron plate house should participate in the evaluation and try to win a special award, thus winning an office in iron plate house.

Those participating in the evaluation should submit the concerned data to EAS by May 8 while those not participating in the evaluation by May 29. A lot will be drawn on May 12 to determine the exhibition place. The staff members of EAS will draw the lot on behalf of those clubs who are absent on that day.

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