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“In my mind, Tamkang University (TKU) is the first-rate university in the world. Teaching at TKU was my first job after graduation ” Foreign Minister Eugene Chien, ex-Chair of Department of Aerospace Engineering (DAE) and ex Dean of College of Engineering said at the gathering marking the 30th founding anniversary of DAE on March 29, 2003.

Chien also conferred “Mr. Chien Yu-hsin Scholarship” on winners of this year. Chien exhorted the participants to “learn how to learn” during their stay in TKU. He described TKU as the “best learning place” in the world. Alumnus Dai Der-ming, member of Kaohsiung City Council, who donated the scholarship, was absent from the gathering due to his tight schedule.

Eight winners are Lin Che-shu, senior and winner for three consecutive years; Huang Chen-yu, sophomore and winner for the second consecutive years; Chin Hsiang-jui, freshman; Wu Tsung-ju, sophomore; Hsu Ching-chung, junior; Chen Jung-san, junior; Lee Chin-lung, senior; Lin Shih-hao, first grade of Graduate Institute; and Chung Huan-sheng, second grade of Graduate Institute.

Chairperson Lee Chia-yuan of Evergreen Pulp Packaging & System Corp. (EPPSI), who is also donator and alumnus, conferred the “European Language Scholarship” on three winners at the gathering. Winners are Lee Yi-hsien, Lo Wei-yen and Hu Chang-chin. Each winner obtained NT$20,000 cash prize.

Dr. Feng Chao-kang, Vice President for Academic Affairs and ex Chair of Department of Aerospace Engineering, expressed his gratitude to TKU Founder Dr. Clement C. P. Chang for his far-sighted vision by setting up the first Aerospace Engineering Department in the Republic of China. He said, “I have experienced 16 years of the 30-year history of the DAE. It has leaped up vividly before the eyes as all the faculty and students of the department who have worked hard in the beginning of the establishment of department”.

Chen Ching-hsiang, Chair, said, “This proves that DAE has a strong centripetal force as alumni of every class-year returned to TKU to mark the 30th founding anniversary of DAE.”

The DAE chartered Chinese style palace classrooms to sponsor a warm gathering for alumni, who interacted and exchanged information spontaneously among one another.

A “jet car” and “egg-throwing” contests were held in conjunction with the celebration. It’s the first time for sophomore students to make “jet car”. As a result, problems arose constantly. Assistants of the department have also made a jet car to participate in the contest. The egg-throwing contest was held at the Business Management Building. A total of 25 teams participated in the contest. They threw the wrapped eggs from the seventh floor to the second floor. They would win if their eggs were not broken after touching the floor and fell right on the target. Eighty percent of the teams have safely landed while five teams failed to land safely.

The participants enthusiastically took part in the two contests since they are regarded as traditions of DAE.

An exhibition of “airplane with remote control” presented by Alumnus Chang Cheng-hsiung who runs a Micro Wing Plane Model Company. Chang offered several airplanes with remote control and made a demonstration. Chang also sold airplane models to students at a cheaper price and donated the sums of money to the department as the departmental fund.

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