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The College of Sciences (CS) keeps vitalizing its departments and institutes. The Department of Chemistry has been approved by the Ministry of Education to change the names of its two divisions starting from the 2003 academic year. While the Department of Mathematics has also applied to change one of its division names to Division of Data Science and Mathematical Statistics starting from the 2004 academic year.

The CS has also set courses for the Graduate Institute of Life Science (GILS), which will enroll students starting from this summer. The GILS will place priority on the combination of science, engineering, agriculture and medical science and cultivate experts on the life science and biotechnology.

The developing direction will be on biological information, genetics, biological wafer, protein, and biomedical materials.

The Ministry of Education has approved TKU’s application to set up the Graduate Institute of Life Science. The Institute will offer at first the Master Program starting from the 2003 academic year. The institute will recruit 20 students, there are 86 students registering for the examination.

These decisions were made at the administrative meeting of College of Sciences last Wednesday.

The courses offered by the Department of Chemistry will be increased in the next academic year due to the fact that the Chemistry Division has been changed into “Chemistry and Biochemistry Division”. They include biology, biochemistry, and molecule biology as required courses. Applied Chemistry Division will be changed to Materials Chemistry Division and offer materials science, electron materials and materials chemistry as required courses.

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