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Prof. Chen Ting-ko, Dean of College of Management, said that in order to strengthen and upgrade faculty and students’ capability of “research and reading”, each of the ninety- nine full-time faculty members of the college should at least submit a study case to National Science Council (NSC) or other research institutes per year and each student should submit a report for each course per semester.

Chen made the remarks at the College Administrative Meeting held on March 26. Chen pointed out that members of the delegation organized by the Chinese Management Association (CMA) under consignment of the Ministry of Education (MOE) gave a high mark to the college after the one-day evaluation.

In order to seek higher quality of teaching and research, he will call on all faculty members of the college to strengthen the research atmosphere by submitting more study cases, he said. He also urged students of the college to strengthen their reading and writing ability.

He pointed out that the application rate that the faculty members of the college submitted application for special case to NSC was ranked the fourth among the nine colleges of Tamkang University (TKU) this year. It means that there are still much improvement to be made, Chen said.

In addition to submitting a study case to NSC, he hoped that faculty members would publish their papers in journals home and abroad and present one or two theses at the seminar. Faculty members were also required to deliver speeches on special topics outside school twice a year and to write and translate a textbook every three years, he said.

Faculty members are also required to ask students presenting their report in class. All the undergraduate students of the college should submit no less than one reading report, hands-on report or oral report every semester. For graduate institutes’ students, they should contribute a thesis to journals or magazines at least one report every two years, he added.

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