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Tamkang University (TKU) President Dr. Chang Horng-jinh instructed Colleges of Sciences and of Engineering to integrate the instruments and equipments held by their departments and graduate institutes. He said that the school authorities would purchase the large-scale integral instruments this year in principle so as to hoist the using efficiency of laboratory equipments and promote the academic study.

Chang made his instruction at a meeting on “environmental plan of overall functional equipments” held on March 7, 2003. He will meet Dean of Colleges of Liberal Arts, Business, Management and Education to discuss the issue today.

Chang said that the budget for purchasing instruments and equipments would not be allocated by every college starting from this year. Purchasing priorities will be placed on integral instruments or overall- functioned software and instruments for the purpose of teaching and researching and for new faculty members.

The budget for special projects applied by every college should be compiled unilaterally while the Department of Mathematics doesn’t need to purchase computers, but to renew software, he said.

Chang pointed out that many academic units had purchased many personal computers in the past. As a result, we did not have enough space to put them in and enough money to purchase a large -scale instrument. He has compared their equipments of Departments of Mass Communications and Distance Education with those of TKU when he visited California State University at Sacramento this year and said that their complete and sufficient equipments have given them more opportunities to accept the government- consigned projects.

Therefore, Dr. Chang instructed: “The surplus of instrument and equipment budget of this academic year will be handled by the school authorities and priority will be placed on purchase of integral instrument so as to take off-campus projects.”

In addition, Colleges of Sciences and Engineering need a large sum of maintenance expenses for their instruments. The charge could be compiled in the budget next semester, Chang said. For new- coming teachers, the two-year subsidies will remain unchanged.

TKU Founder Dr. Clement C. P. Chang has instructed: “TKU will construct a 10-storey building exclusively for research after the completion of Shao-Mo Stadium construction. All the important instruments will be allocated to the Center for Research. All the students for doctorate program will make their research at the building.” “We should make preparations and plan for instruments to be set up at the future building,” TKU President said.

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