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Knights on Ship of Swan approaching slowly on to the stage echoed the prayer of young lady Elsa von Brabant and made duel with vicious noble. The knights helped prove innocence of the young lady who was conspired to kill her brother.

More than 10 students of Department of German played the famous Opera of Lohengrin (Swan knight) by Richard Wagner, which was part of a series of activities marking German Week last week. They have brought the romantic and affectionate music of the medieval time into Tamsui campus.

Though the language of German was not exactly understandable, audiences were quite entertained by the beauty beyond the barrier of language. After one- month intensive training and learning the opera was successfully presented.

The majority of performers are freshmen and Lee Chieh, one of the performers, said that although she has spent tons of time looking up dictionary and memorizing new words, her German has been improved as well.

Besides, interpretation was also one of the performances. At the same time, a German cultural exhibition was held at Chueh-hsuan Garden for five days. On the display included a small playbill in German designed by students, Osam bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush and Jacky Cheng were also included on the posters designed by students. There were also films showing students participating in junior abroad study program in Germany and Austria. Wine, champagne and crystal and other German-made products were displayed at the weeklong exhibition as well.

At the same time, Huang Liu-ming, sophomore of Department of English, won first place of an English recitation contest held last Wednesday. A total of 77 contesters took part in Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Recitation Contest sponsored by the English Department. Students of English Departmental have also scored the second, third, fourth and fifth places.

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