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A total of 37 teachers have been chosen as outstanding class consultants for this academic year. They will be cited on April 16, 2003.

Tamkang University (TKU) President Chang Horng-jinh will confer a golden award on winners for their contributions at a seminar of consultants and guidance personnel of TKU.

Winners are broken down as follows: College of Liberal Arts: Chou Tsung-hsien, Song Sheue-fang and Chi Hui-chun; College of Sciences: Ling Dah-chin, Yu Cherng-yih; College of Engineering: Wang Chun-hsiung, Cheng Chii-ming, Hsu Tau-being, Yang Lung-jieh, Shih Kuei-ping, Chen Ching-chung, Huang Tsong-liang and Lee Shih-min; College of Business: Tseng I-ming, Chen Dar-hsin, Hsieh Fu-chu, Hsu Song-ken, Jerry C.Y. Miao, and Lin Shu-chin; College of Management: Lee Ya-ting, Chao Yang-ching, Chang Bao-kuang, Chen Yi-ju, Chou Ching-chiang, Liu Shih-sien, Han Chao, and Ni Yen-sen; College of Foreign Languages and Literature: Huang I-min, Tseng Jose-yeh, Chang Kuo-lei, Liang Ching-feng, Chang Chong-ling, and Chang Ching-kuo; College of Technology: Ku Kuang-ping; and College of Education: Tsai Ping-yeh and Sung Pei-fen.

According to Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, the outstanding teachers were selected by the College, being based on a criterion of good interaction with students and good performance in guiding students.

Many students who have been taught under these outstanding tutors praised highly for their contributions. Lin Ho-yi, sophomore of Department of Insurance, said that Hsieh Fu-chu is a good teacher and has always called on students to study hard and to take part in the examination of certificate as well as to pay attention to the current tendencies.

Lien Chun-nan, sophomore of Department of Japanese, highly praised Prof. Chang Chong-ling for she always teaches students patiently until they completely understand.

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