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After winning the second place in quartet in the National Student Music Contest the other day, the Harmonica Club got excellent grade and was ranked the fourth place in tutti section in parallel with National Taiwan University (NTU), National Tsinghua University and National Taiwan Normal University last week.

Huang Hsiu-mei, sophomore of Department of Chinese and concurrently member of Harmonica Club, said that the song the Harmonica Club played was “The Overture of Baghdad Chieftain” and the “Norwegian Dancing”. The Overture of Baghdad Chieftain is a song very grazioso in the beginning and then turns to be allegretto. It is an agitato song while the Norwegian Dancing is a song very allegro full of youth flavor. The judges have confirmed the performance of TKU Harmonica Club.

Chen Yu-wen, sophomore of Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering and concurrently President of Harmonica Club, said that a total of 37 club members took part in the contest and the ensemble playing result was the best among the private universities. This was also one of the best performances in the past 10 years. It is of much significance for the Harmonica Club. “We would be sure that we would bit national university teams if school authorities could subsidize the club for buying more instruments,” Chen said.

Meanwhile, Chinese Music Club also won an excellent award in an indoor music contest sponsored by the Bureau of Education, Taipei City Government on March 20, 2003. Yen Chen-yi, junior of Department of Chinese and concurrently President of Chinese Music Club, expressed his satisfaction to the club’s performance.

A total of 10 club members took part in the contest. “Drinking alone under the moon” is the most difficult song among the eight given songs. The song with a combination of zither, fiddle, moon guitar, flute, and drum manifested the heart of a discouraged man, Yen said.

The self-selected song was the “scholar comes riding the horse” which was full of allegro and humor. It is a Chinese folksong performed in the contest for the first time. They clap the plank with hands to imitate the sound of horse’s hoofs and use fiddle and flute to imitate the shouting of horse. The judges highly lauded the performance of TKU Chinese Music Club, Yen added.

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