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TKU Retains Its Status as an International Safe School

In 2008, Tamkang University became the first university in the world to be deemed an International Safe School by a specialized unit from the World Health Organization (WHO) known as the Collaborating Center on Community Safety Promotion (CCCSP).

Every three years, schools classified as international safe schools are reevaluated by the CCCSP to ensure they have maintained and even improved on the health and safety standards employed three years earlier. Today (Dec 11, 2012), CCCSP committee members came to Tamkang University to take part in TKU's first reevaluation.

The members include the Chairman of CCCSP, Dr. Leif Svanstrom, as well as safety experts from Sweden, Japan, and Taiwan. While at the TKU Tamsui Campus, Dr. Svanstrom commented that in Taiwan, there have already been 70 schools that have successfully passed the CCCSP safe school evaluation, which is the highest proportion of international safe schools out of any country or region in the world.

During today's inspection of TKU's campuses, the committee members learned that, since 2009, the overall rate of accidents at Tamkang has decreased from 4.88% to just 2.81% in 2011. After a thorough assessment of TKU's health and safety achievements and current health and safety policies, TKU once again received International Safe School status for a further three years. The result of today's reevaluation was formally recognized in a signing ceremony held between CCCSP members and TKU staff at 4pm today at the TKU Tamsui Campus.

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