NO. 880

A Research Grant for TKU PhD Candidate Ni Chi-Sheng

Ni Chi-Sheng, a PhD candidate from the TKU Department of English, recently received a subsidy to conduct further research in the UK. Under the "Thousand Mile" subsidy, provided by the National Science Council, Chi-Sheng will go to the University of West minister (England) in March 2013 for 7 months to carry out research on the topic "Interweaving Images of London: Researching the Concepts of Space, History, and Literature in the Work of Iain Sinclair".

Chi-Sheng says that his research "has always centered around city-based literature; it particularly focuses on the features of wording used to describe certain cities in western-style literature".

Iain Sinclair's works explore the interrelationship between the history and space of London, as well as its people, environment, and diverse social groups.

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