NO. 883

A Landmark Breakthrough for Globalization at Tamkang

Starting from next semester, the nature of English-taught courses at Tamkang is set to change. In the past, the system of providing English-taught courses was rigid. Teachers of certain compulsory second and third year courses from each department were forced to offer their courses in English. These restrictions have now been lifted, and all teachers can now apply to deliver their courses in English. Teachers who do so will be rewarded as part of a new incentive scheme implemented to encourage teachers to provide courses taught entirely in English.

As a result of these changes, in the coming semester TKU will offer 183 courses taught entirely in English. Each academic year, TKU academic departments will each nominate two teachers (who offered English-taught programs during the year) to go overseas and take a short-term course on using English to teach specialized university courses. After returning to Taiwan, these teachers will then pass along the knowledge gleaned overseas through academic seminars held by TKU.

The TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gwo Hsing-yu, explained that these reforms are designed to enhance the level of internationalization at TKU. “Creating an ideal environment to study language and knowledge will help our students’ have a competitive edge in the workforce.”

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