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TKU Takes Top Honor in Micro-Film Contest

A group of students from TKU’s Department of Transportation Management recently claimed top spot in the “school campus” category of the 1st HiNet Micro-film Contest. In the same contest, the students also received the award for “Best Movie Plot” and a total cash prize of NT$ 150,000.

The group was led by third year Transportation Management student, Tsai Cheng-Hsi. Tsai explained that in the past, the group entered several similar contests and achieved excellent results. “Thanks to our previous successes, we gained the confidence to enter this competition”.

The TKU students called their group CU One. Their entry was titled “What Factors Affect the Speed of FTTB?” It is a humorous short film that shows the viewer how to increase the speed of their internet. The film took almost three days to shoot.

Tsai noted that “during the process of filming, we faced a number of obstacles and setbacks involving insufficient equipment and incompatibility between the camera and computer. It is a real sense of accomplishment to overcome these problems and gain recognition for our efforts”.

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