NO. 887

A Speech by the President of SAGE Publications Asia Pacific

On March 6, Ms. Rosalia Da Garcia, the President and Person in charge of SAGE Publications Asia Pacific, delivered a special lecture at TKU’s Tamsui and (via webcam) Lanyang campuses. The event was hosted by the TKU Dean of Library Services, Prof. Song Sheue-Fang. Prof. Fang explained that the guest speaker, Ms. Garcia, has experience working at prestigious publishing companies such as McGraw Hill and Pearson Publishing. Given Ms. Garcia’s extensive experience, she provided TKU students and faculty with an overview of how to increase their chances of being published in international journals. In particular, she explained important elements in the process of submission and review, discussed social science research methodologies, and principles of review applied by journal editors. TKU’s Prof. Song noted: “the number of attendees present exceeded our expectations”. This reflects the vital need among students and faculty for information related to international journals.

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