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The President of Paraguay Visits Tamkang

On May 22, the President of Paraguay, Dr. Luis Federico Franco Gómez, visited the TKU Center of Resources for the Blind, Tamsui Campus. President Gómez led a 17-member delegation and was accompanied by the ambassador to Paraguay (and TKU alumnus), José María Liu.

Before arriving at Tamkang, President Gómez specifically requested to tour TKU’s Center of Resources for the Blind, and to gain a more in-depth understanding of current advances in this area of research. The First Lady of Paraguay, Emilia Patricia Alfaro de Franco, explained that Paraguay places great emphasis on caring for the underprivileged, which can be seen in federal regulations that protect the rights of the disabled. An example is the law that requires the number of disabled personnel in major organizations to reach at least 5% of total personnel. Moreover, sign language is one of the official languages in Paraguay, with schools at each level offering instruction to the general public.

While at the Center, the visitors listened to a brief overview of TKU’s activities delivered by the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, as well as a detailed description of the Center’s advances by the Center’s system engineer, Jason Chang, who mentioned recent collaborative initiatives with several telecommunication companies to set up the Eye Society Creative Customer Service Center.

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