NO. 911

The University of Shih Chien University Visits TKU

【Reported by Wen-yuan Zheng, Tamkang Times】

On November 12th the Dean of Academic Affairs of Shih Chien University, Wendy Shieh, lead an exchange that emphasized accredited student organizations. She stated, “I’ve always wanted to have an exchange with TKU and now we finally have a chance to learn and discuss a few ideas together.” TKU’s Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Chih En Koh, explained that the meeting was pertaining to the different functions and experiences of the academic organizations.

Afterwards 24 members the academic affairs faculty began to introduce and observe different projects and ideas involving each of the student organizations. Wendy Shieh remarked, “It’s great to be able to further promote these accredited student organizations because it will give students social skills and work experience to prepare them for their future. They will obtain international relationships and project experience that they couldn’t gain from just taking classes.”

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