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The Alliance of Taiwan Educational Clouds Brings Learning to a New Page

【Reported by Qian-jing Chen, Tamkang Times】In order to create an outstanding online educational system on campus, the Language and Teaching Research Center has united efforts with the Institute for Information and the Association of E-Learning (AEL), to establish the Alliance of Taiwan Educational Clouds (ATEC). On November 28th the ATEC inauguration took place and all of the companies and academic institutes came together to discuss the vision of ATEC. Director of the Language and Teaching Research Center, Ching-hwa Kuo, stated, “ The E-learning system on campus has gone through significant development and continues to improve methods and resources of long-distance learning. We are one of the leading universities in the nation for online learning, I eagerly anticipate what will happen after we have fully utilized the Cloud Educational System.

Currently the alliance contains Leo Systems Inc., Hyweb Technology Co., Digital Culture Content Creation, Cloud Digital and many other industrial enterprises. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, they will have created over 50 different online accessible courses.

In addition to discussing the new vision of ATEC, the meeting also brought forth another online educational program called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). According to statistics 74 percent of university professors need assistance developing a more globalized curriculum. Through the support of the National Science Council, Ministry of Education, the Financial Department and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Taiwan will be able to take a great step in the direction of a complete global educational system. Ching-hwa Kuo expressed, “I’m certain this will be very effective for giving the students an educational program that meets with the daily changes around the world.”

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