NO. 913

Twelve Professors From the College of Science Visit Osaka

【Reported By Bo-xian Lu, Tamkang Times】On November 18th and 19th Dean of the College of Science, Bo-Cheng Wang, took Director of the Chemistry Department, Jyh Shing Lin, and twelve chemistry professors on an expedition to Osaka Prefecture University to attend the first yearly “Tamkang University and Osaka Prefecture University International Discussion.” The discussion will be published in SCI, bringing considerable exposure to TKU.

Bo-Cheng Wang stated, “This year’s meeting was incredibly successful. The younger professors were actively involved in an enthusiastic exchange of knowledge. Not only will the professors learn a great deal from each other, they will find new encouragement from their international partnership. This is certain to have a positive effect on both sides and will help take a great step in the direction of innovative development.”

Over the course of two days the professors of Tamkang University introduced many of the unique qualities of TKU, including their success in their chemistry fairs and achievements regarding environmental protection. Not only did President Anpo Mazukaza participate in the discussion, he also invited 30 chemistry students to absorb the knowledge and experience from the TKU professors. All of the members gathered around to observe the “Plantlife Factory”, a recent research project undertaken by Osaka Prefecture University, involving stable growth production. Professor San-lang Wang stated, “It’s incredible how much information can be gathered from a discussion of two universities. I hope that next year we can involve more universities from different countries to expand our horizons even further.”