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TKU Named An Outstanding Employer Of Physically or Mentally Disabled Personnel

【Reported by Wen-yuan Zheng, Tamkang Times】On November 29th Tamkang University was awarded the “Outstanding Employer of Physically or Mentally Disabled Personnel Award” for the third year in a row. The Director of the Human Resources Department, Tung-wen Cheng, received the award on the behalf of TKU. President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “In the future Tamkang University will continue to develop an even more disabled-friendly environment so that disabled employees will be able to benefit from a more convenient workplace. This university has actively been involved with the New Taipei City government organizations in applying for resources for the remodeling and restructuring of university facilities. This includes new software like Zoom Text, JAWS, and English/Chinese automatic translations programs that have made work simpler for disabled employees.

This year out of 23 selected enterprises, Tamkang University had the honor of being the only academic institute to receive the “Outstanding Employer of Physically or Mentally Disabled Personnel Award”. TKU’s disabled staff includes professors, administrators and janitorial positions, that have all been a major part of the development of the TKU educational system.

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