NO. 914

Registration for Chinese Language Training

On December 4th the College of Foreign Language and Literature presented the “Chinese Foreign Language Training Program”. This is the second Chinese language training program to take place and individuals are able to register for this 6-hour course until the 10th of this month. Su-man Pan, Chief inspector of the online academic Chinese language program “Yes! Mandarin”, stated, “ The first training program emphasized typing in Chinese and had very successful results. This time the emphasis will be on teaching materials and instructional methods, including the utilization of online training. We want to encourage students to be confident in their ability to teach Chinese and be capable of making a practical curriculum.”

The first training program was held in May and received a considerably positive reaction. It was very effective in showing students how to instruct Chinese language. This time 25 students will be selected to attend this training program for free. For other interested students the fee for the course is 500NT and they must contact their department head for information on registration. The registration deadline is on the 10th of December.