NO. 914

Conference In Educational Communications and Technology in New Educational Policies

【Reported by Qian-wen Pan, Tamkang Times】On November 6th and 7th the Department of Educational Technology and Taiwan Association for Educational Communication and Technology (TAECT) held an international academic conference pertaining to “Educational Communications and Technology in New Educational Policies.” The objective of this conference was to discuss the continual trend of technology in education, how to use technology to cross educational borders internationally, increasing professors ability to exchange information, inviting learners and professionals from related fields of education, and so forth.

The 2-day conference went into great detail while covering seven key points: learning trends in new age, new technology and teaching innovation, new technologies and human resource developments, new technologies and social impacts, trends of digital content innovations, educational technologies and science communications, and educational administration and policy development. Educators were invited from all over the globe to elaborate on the recent educational developments, such as Dr. Robert Maribe Branch, from the University of Georgia, Dr. Duh Been-Lirn, from the University of Tasmania and Dr. Zhi-ting Zhu from Shanghai Normal University. Dean of the Department of Education and Technology, David Tawei Ku, expressed, “I hope that we can continue to create innovative teaching materials that will let our students meet the requirements of every professional field.”