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Exciting Race and Fair Take Place For Architecture Week

【Reported by Zhuang Jing, Tamkang Times】Over 200 individuals were attracted to the “2013 Hunger For Speed” event, put on by the Department of Architecture during Architecture Week. The event included a mini 4WD racing competition and a second-hand market fair. The event organizer and 4th year student of the Department of Architecture, Nian-ting Xie, expressed, “The theme for this year’s Architecture week is medical treatment. I hope all of the busy students of the Department of Architecture can have the opportunity to come here and unwind.” The racing track made all of the participants marvel as it stretched over 187 meters. The first place winning team was the Department of Architecture’s Nian-ting Xie, Cheng-han Li, Jia-wei Luo and Shi-geng Que. They expressed, “While you are fixing up your car it is quite intimidating seeing all the opposing competition. It feels great to take the victory.”


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