NO. 915

Comparative Literature Conference Examines the Future of International Language Development

【Reported by Xue-yi Wu, Tamkang Times】On December 13th and 14th the Department of English Language in cooperation with the Comparative Literature Association of the Republic of China (CLAROC) held the eleventh annual International Comparative Literature Conference. This year’s theme was titled, “After the World-New Comparative Literature Possibilities.” In attendance was President Chia-I Chang, Taiwan University’s Foreign Literature Specialist, Chao-yang Liao, National Taiwan Normal University’s Professor of in the Department of English Language, Sun-chieh Liang and many enthusiastic students and learners.

In the conference they discussed the development of the language master’s programs in Taiwanese universities. They also discussed the graduates in related fields that have crossed cultural boundaries and expanded the scope of Taiwan’s vision pertaining to language and literature. They expressed concerns of a rapidly growing international educational system and the challenges or risks that it may present in the future if professors are unable to find a focal point. Professor of the Department of English, Chen-hsing Tsai, expressed, “This conference has brought forth and stimulated new concepts that will surely be advantageous for the future of students in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.”


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