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The Department of General Affairs Displays Ten Year Remodeling Plan For TKU

On December 20th the Department of General Affairs had a meeting explaining the diagrams and blueprints for the Shou Chien International Conference Center, hosted by Dean of the Department of General Affairs, Shiaw-shyan Luo. In attendance was Dean of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, Dean of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, Dean of the Department of Physical Education, Shu-feng Hsiao, Director of the Department of Architecture, Jui-mao Huang and KHL Architect Wei-jyh Hsu.

Shiaw-shyan Luo stated, “Tamkang University was constructed over 63 years ago meaning most of the building design is old. So in order to have a complete campus renovation it will take time and planning. Not to mention that with the additional construction of the Danhai City of Education, this plan will take about ten years. I hope everyone is in agreement with this time model and I would greatly appreciate your opinions and ideas.”

The focal point of the remodeling revolved around the vision of the Student Activity Center. The diagrams also pointed out the plan for the basement in the International Conference Hall, new space for the student organizations and expansions for fitness activities. In the midst of the discussion Shiaw-Shyan Luo emphasized the importance of first finishing the construction of the ice-skating rink and the basketball court. He stated, “Creating space for the student organization activities is a priority. It’s unacceptable for them to not have a place on campus.”

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