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Tamkang University’s Alumni Score Exceptionally on Diplomat Test

【Reported by Jia-yun Cai, Tamkang Times】Tamkang University’s Alumni from the Graduate Institute of the Americas and the Graduate Institute of European Studies received outstanding test scores on the specialized exam for diplomatic personnel. Both Yen-cen Lin and Shih-hsiu Chen scored exceptionally high on the test for western immigration administration and Zheng-yuan Yang scored high marks in the section of portuguese language.

Dean of the Institute of European Studies, Chiu-Ching Kuo, stated, “It’s extremely difficult to pass the diplomatic examination, not to mention attain such a high score. This displays the great potential of Tamkang University students and the excellent instruction from the professors. Dean of the Graduate Institute of the Americas, Hsiao-chuan Chen, stated, “Zheng-yuan Yang not only learned English and Spanish, but now he has been certified for portuguese! What can I say buy great job and congratulations? I wish them all the best success on their road into a bright future.”


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