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A Great Exchange of Ideas Takes Place During the Annual Insurance Conference

On December 14th the Department of Insurance held the “Seventh annual Cross-Strait Insurance Danger Management Academic Conference.” In attendance was Vice President of Academic Affairs, Gwo-hsing Yu, Professor of the Insurance Department, Yi-jen Hu, Head of the Financial Supervisory Commission Insurance Bureau, Yu-Chiong Tseng, Assistant Professor from China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Xu Hua Zhang, Dean of the University of International Business and Economics, Sun Jian, and Assistant Dean of the Capital University of Economics and Business.

Vice President Gwo-hsing Yu expressed, “This Conference was established in 2008 and has already been taking place for six years. Every year this organization has expanded and I’m pleased to welcome the 12 professors representing 5 sister universities to this year’s conference in Taiwan. I expect this meeting will strengthen our academic exchange programs greatly.”

During the conference everyone shared and compared their insurance experience, greatly impacting and improving new innovations and concepts. This conference included developments regarding insurance plans such as life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, financial insurance and so forth. The event increased the knowledge and understanding of all of the participants as they harvested great benefits for future programs and ideas.

On December 16th the Department of Insurance also promoted insurance week, which warmed the winter streets with insurance posters. For four days they held many activities including raffles, games and food. The highlight of the event was the raffle, where they gave away a free Ipad Mini. The winner of the prize was first-year insurance student, Pin-xuan Song, who stated, “I’m so surprised to win an Ipad Mini. It’s truly a blessing!”

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