NO. 919

The Winter Break Service Team Spreads Love Across the Country

【Reported by Yi-feng Lu, Tamkang Times】Final exams will be followed by winter break and 26 military groups will form the Winter Break Service Team, extending their services all across Taiwan. On the 20th of this month there will be a flag presentation to encourage the troops before they are sent off. It’s important for us to give them our hope, love and support so that they will be able to extend it to others through their volunteer services around the nation. 25 of the teams will be volunteering their services to the many elementary and junior high schools around Taiwan and one team will travel to Thailand to extend their services. A member of the Extracurricular Academic Innovation Group, Li-chen Su, expressed that this was his first time going to Thailand and he plans to teach Chinese language and a computer course. Everyone is welcome to come to the ceremony to give these volunteers our support on January 20th.

For this year’s winter volunteer event, many new groups have been established. Among them is the Department of Science’s “Bright Light Science Service Troop,” which will travel to Liu Ying Middle School in Tainan. The captain of the Bright Light Science Troop and fourth-year physics student, Guan-zhi Wang expressed that their group would teach Physics, Math and Chemistry through exciting games to give the students an effective and involving curriculum. Guan-zhi Wang stated, “I’m really excited to bring science to the the kids in Tainan.”