NO. 927

The Power of the People is Discussed in Cheuh-sheng Plaza

【Reported by Jing-ya Su, Tamkang Times】Last week the Anti Chinese Trade Movement discussion took place in the Cheuh-sheng Plaza. On April 9th and 10th student organizations and international research groups gathered to defend the people’s rights. Dean of the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Ming-hsien Wong, Professor from the Graduate Institute of European Studies, Dr. Li-Jiuan Chen-Rabich, and Assistant Professor of the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Shun-jie Ji, held an open discussion with students about the recent trade issue. In attendance was more than 100 individuals, who traded and exchanged their opinion about the matter. Vice President of the Student Council and four-year student of the Department of Public Administration, Min-fu Huang, stated, “The rights of the citizens is something that students must be aware and directly involved in. I hope that this event will promote knowledge and understanding of the recent issues so that students will be able to use good judgment as the situation unfolds. Obtaining detailed and relevant information is the key to solving difficult problems.”

Dr. Li-Jiuan Chen-Rabich explained the procedures and laws of international business and what it entails between the Cross-Straits trade relationship. First-year student of the Department of Spanish, Jiu-yi Zhuang, stated, “I was very enlightened by Dr. Chen’s deep and intuitive understanding of the international trade analysis. Finally we can have a clear understanding of what is happening here at the university because of this event.”