NO. 927

The Office of Military Education and Training Hold Anti Smoking Event

【Reported by Wen-yuan Zheng, An-jia Chen, Yi-chun Yang, Tamkang Times】The Office of Military Education and Training, Tamkang University’s Lions Club, and the John Tung Foundation held the “Say No to Smoking” event at the Tamsui MRT station on April 11th. Tamkang University’s Lion Dance Troupe began the event with an exciting and exhilarating performance. There were many other performances including middle school group, “Three Rooms of Dance” and celebrity singer Wen Chiang Liao. All of the performances warmly welcomed and entertained the audience while encouraging individuals to avoid or quit smoking.

Director of the Office of Military Education and Training, Kuo-liang Chen, expressed, “It’s my honor to be able to promote anti-smoking outside of the boundaries of Tamkang University and spread it throughout the homes of Tamsui.” President of the Tamkang University Lions Club and third-year student from the Graduate Institute of European Studies, Yi-ren Huang, stated, “I hope this activity can really have a positive impact that can help people say no to smoking. I also look forward to using a diverse number of methods to educate the public on the negatives of smoking.” Three-year student of the Department of Mass Communication, Yu-han Ceng, stated, “The point of this activity is to collaborate with the John Tung Foundation to spread the message of anti-smoking. I hope the message is accepted by the public for the sake of impressionable children that are unaware of the risks of this bad habit. I believe this is a very meaningful event.”