NO. 944

Administration Innovation Conference Takes Place at TKU

【Reported by Shi-qing Huang, Tamkang Times】Tamkang University held the yearly Administration Innovation Conference on October 25th in the Cheuh-sheng International Conference Hall. This year’s event was themed, “Taiwan’s Strategy in Higher Learning to Deal with the Effects of the Baby Bust Generation.” There were close to 190 people in attendance including President Flora Chia-I Chang, the three Vice Presidents of TKU, and various members of administration.

Chairman of QS World University Rankings, Martin Ince, was invited to give a lecture on Global University Rankings and how it relates to the current situation. He described different sources that affect the global ranking of the university, which will determine the amount of students that are drawn to the school. He stated, “By improving our academic structure, we will be able to compensate the negative effects of the low birth rate with international recognition.” Professor from the Social Studies Department of National Taiwan University, James Hsueh, analyzed and explained the fluctuations of the birth rate in the most impactful years. He then talked about the necessity of being a competitive university and ways to maintain student population numbers through comparing to other countries that have undergone the same problem in the past.