NO. 944

Li-chou Gao Scholarship Awarded

【Reported by Jin-yu Cai, Tamkang Times】The official ceremony, awarding the Li-chou Gao scholarship took place on October 24th. This scholarship was initiated in 2003 and has helped 263 students, awarding a total of 13,150,000 NT. It was founded by alumni of the Department of Civil Engineering, Xin-ping Gao, who passed away last August. Tamkang University has decided to continue awarding the scholarship for the next 50 years in honor of his memory.

President Chia-I Chang, Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development, Chun-young Perng and former Dean of the College of Science, Hsin-fu Tsai, spoke on behalf of Xin-ping Gao for his amazing contribution to the university. Xin-ping Gao founded the scholarship under his mother’s name to bring her honor for every person he could assist. His contribution serves as an example of dedication, love and responsibility.