NO. 944

Freshman International Students are Welcomed to TKU

【Reported by Yi-mei Chen, Tamkang Times】Last week, Tamkang University and Lanyang Campus held a large scale welcoming for the 300 freshman international students. The welcoming celebration was held on October 17th in the Student Activity Center, in attendance was Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, and deans and administrators of various colleges. During the event they played a film welcoming the new overseas students.

Wan-chin Tai stated, “This event is designed to give us a chance to better understand the new students while giving them an opportunity to adjust to their new university lifestyle. A gathering like this is the perfect way to learn to appreciate different cultures.” Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Sinn-cheng Lin, stated, “There is still a small language barrier in our department and this event can give people a chance to greet each other and make adjustments.” First-year student of the Department of Business Administration, Min-xiao Yu, stated, “It’s been a lot of fun adjusting to life in Taiwan. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”