NO. 944

Maritime Museum Receives a New APP

【Reported by Qi-zhuo, Tamkang Times】On October 22nd in the Maritime Museum, TKU held the “Qing Dynasty- Navy and Battleship Special Exhibit,” displaying their new Maritime Museum browser APP. The theme of this exhibit presented many of Maritime Museum’s precious artifacts of the Qing Dynasty, introducing the different vessels, management systems and battle procedures. Also a collection of artwork and models were provided by professors of the Department of History to share with spectators.

Director of the Carrie Chang Art Center, Ben-hang Chang, stated, “I’m grateful to all of my comrades from the Department of History for their contributions and hopeful that the Realtouch APP Co.’s donation will make Maritime Museum a digital resource that can be more easily utilized for professional needs.” Alumni from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Executive Director of Realtouch Co., Bo-han Wu, stated, “After people download the Maritime Museum Real Touch App, they will be able to conveniently browse all of the items and resources.” Third-year student of the Department of Chinese Language, Fang-yuan Li, stated, “Using the App allows you to freely observe all of the different artwork on your own. It’s relaxing to be able to enjoy the museum from anywhere without having any restrictions.”