NO. 946

Voter Turnout for Student Association Elections was Disappointing

【Reported by Yi-feng Lu, Xue-fen Ma, Tamkang Times】The 20th Student Association elections took place on the 5th of November and the turnout was less than ideal. Of 27,259 students only 691 students actually participated in the vote. There were 454 votes that approved of the current policies, 199 that disapproved and 38 votes that were invalid. Whatever the results, the amount of participants in this year’s election is much less than last year. The results have the student leaders asking questions.

Even among the students that decided to vote this year, ⅓ disapproved of the current policies. Fourth-year student of the Department of Chinese Language, Mrs. Wang, made a remark about the Boyi Cai team, “Initially the group attracted a lot of people’s interest and we even got the media’s interest, but now it is quite troublesome. Many of the students not stating their opinion is an opinion.”

Second year student of the Department of Political Economics, Mr. Li, stated, “The people responsible for organizing activities on Lanyang Campus didn’t pull together. I’m disappointed with the way they handled things.”

Regarding the voter turn out, Boyi Cai was very disappointed, but she still thanked the 691 voters that did participate. She stated with watery eyes, “These votes are very important for the future of the school, I hope that students will take it more seriously next time.”