NO. 947

The Completion of Shou Chien International Conference Hall Marks Fifth Wave of TKU Development Says President Chang

【Hui-ping Liu, Jin-yu Cai, Tamkang Times】On November 8th a thunderous sound rang throughout the air as the officialy ceremony for the construction of the Shou Chien International Conference Center began. In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, Hang-Chien Hsu, Ching-nan Chen, Dr. Loo Soon, Ding-chuan Chen, Juy-Lung Chen, Arnold Duan and the university Vice Presidents.

President Chang announced, “The construction of the Shou Chien International Conference Hall is a memorial to the dedication of the alumni at this university for the past 64 years. It’s my hope that the alumni would come and oversee this building when it is complete in the next few years. Once we’ve completed this project, we will be stepping out of the fourth wave of TKU’s development and entering into the fifth wave.”

For the construction of the new center, TKU successfully fundraised 120,000,000 NT. The building was designed by Zhi-wei Xu and will be located by the swimming pool, containing 8 floors and a basement. The construction of the building will be environmentally friendly and contain over 50 rooms. During the ceremony, all of the alumni and guests showed their excitement and cheer, welcoming the new level of development. (Photographed by Yi-feng Lu)