NO. 947

Holds 64th Anniversary Celebration

【Reported by Ying-tian Fan, Tamkang Times】Happy birthday TKU! On the 8th of November at 9:00 in the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium, the 64th anniversary party took place. President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed her gratitude to the Board of Trustees, former university presidents and 24,000 alumni for their united efforts of development. She stated, “Because of everyone’s diligence, we have become a well known and respected university to the public, fundraising 120,000,000 NT for the development of the Shou Chien International Conference Hall, which is estimated to be completed by the 66th anniversary of TKU.”

Also in attendance was Chairman Hong-shang Hong and Ching-nan Chen, Supervisor Mei-lan Wang, and former university Presidents Yea-hong Chen, Louis R. Chow, Yun-shan Lin and Honrg-jinh Chang. During the celebration, the 28th Golden Eagle was awarded to Ye-cheng Mai, Shi-an Cheng, Shi-fang Liu, and Zhi-ming Lin. President Chang stated, “The university has received an international safety certification from WHO, has been honored with the Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, received the EPA Environmental Protection Award three times, has been ranked in the top 500 universities in the world by Ranking Web of World Universities and was listed as favorite private university graduates for employment by Cheers Magazine for 17 years.”