NO. 953

TKU Signs Agreement for Environmental Protection with 25 Universities

【Reported by Hui-ping Liu, Tamkang Times】On December 19th the Dean of General Affairs, Shiaw-shyan Luo, represented TKU to meet with 25 Private Universities to sign the “The Talloires Declaration,” which promises to implement and sustain environmental protection on campus. Starting from August, 2012, the Green University Union of Taiwan has actively promoted the reduction of carbon waste and other environmental services.

Shiaw-shyan Luo stated, “I’m really looking forward to signing this declaration because it will allows us to strengthen our capabilities of environmental protection through interacting and sharing experience with other universities. Currently we have become greener in the areas of hardware, management and education, but there are more areas we can improve upon.”

The Talloires Declaration began in 1990 in France and later America presented the agreement, “The Role of Universities in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development,” which was signed by 20 university presidents.