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TKU Send Three Leaders on International Expedition

【Tamkang Times】The 4th annual Core and Corner’s “Leadership Travel Expedition” is planned to have close to 2000 participants. Three exceptional Tamkang University students have been selected for the trip: Guo-en Huang of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, You-lin Huang of the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering alumni from the Department of Political Economics, Yi-xi Wu.

The trip is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2015 and the youth leaders will travel to Brussels, Israel and America to study fields related to Water Resources and Technology. They will be issued challenges related to cooperation, fundraising, and interviewing skills. Guo-en Huang will travel to Brussels to meet with the founder of Mobile School, Arnoud Raskin. He expressed, “I applied for this program for two months and I hope to be able to do some learning in the Department of Indian Affairs.”

You-lin Huang will visit Eilon Adar in Israel, who is an expert in the field of water resources. He explained, “The harsh climate of Israel means that they have to have great water resource techniques that we can learn from.” Yi-xi Wu will visit with Sheryl Sandberg in America’s Silicon Valley to learn various fundraising methods. For anyone interested in participating in this event, the last day of registration is on the 31st. (For more information contact

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