NO. 974

Students Learn to Innovate Like the Legends

【Yu-xiang Sun, Tamsui Campus Report】The stories of the top enterprises in the world: Google, Apple and Amazon, are nothing short of legendary tales that serve to inspire anyone interested in direction of entrepreneurship. In order to cultivate exceptional future personnel, Tamkang University continues to establish a bridge with the leaders of the ever-changing global market. The Department of International Business Management and the Cross-Strait Association for Advance Culture Creativity held the “Cross-Strait Young Entrepreneurs Exchange Forum” in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall on Sept. 17.

Director of the Office of Taiwanese Affairs in Zhejiang, Xiao-ling Qiu, and the Chairman of the Board of directors of Wensli, Hong-yan Tu, brought a team of 13 members of the Zhejiang Young Entrepreneurs Team to TKU for an exchange with the purpose of giving participants a deeper understanding of the trends and challenges for young people in the modern market. The forum featured many prominent figures such as Director at the Alibaba Business College, Han Qiu, Executive Director of the Hangzhou Investment Management Co., Liang-gang Cai, and CEO of Hangzhou MiQ Network Technology, Jing-xiang Mao (third on the right in the back) .

During the forum, President Flora Chia-I Chang mentioned the many successes of TKU graduates related to employment including being ranked by 2000 enterprises in Cheers Magazine as the favorite private university graduates for employment for 18 years in a row. Afterwards she spoke on the many innovative ideas of TKU alumni that have helped to shape the modern world. Following, Hong-yan Tu and Jing-xiang Mao gave lectures introducing the trends in the industry by following 40 years of the evolution of the Chinese silk culture. This illustration clearly displayed the changes that one product may produce in terms of innovation, value and international cooperation.